• MEsches2014 Poster

    KIM MESCHES – Fall/Winter 2014 Line

    KIM MESCHES is an emerging clothing company featuring the singular style of designer Kim Mesches. His graphic chic incorporates unique fabric treatments, distinctive silhouettes and sleek design. This video showcases the Kim Mesches Fall / …

  • ORIM Poster

    Open Road Media

    A series of documentaries, featuring authors from around the world. Each one delicately looks into the true nature of the author and depicts their style, philosophy, and way of life.

  • Lemniscate Poster


    Time awakens. She brushes her hair from her face, taking a moment to adjust the mechanisms on her mask. She peers at her reflection in a broken piece of glass. She lightly places two fingers …

  • An Act of Passion Movie Poster

    “An Act of Passion”

    A robot is being interrogated for a possible murder. As the detective digs deeper and eventually “plugs in” to the mind of the machine, he discovers more than he had bargained for.


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